Equiprovet is a well-established international veterinary wholesaler

We are passionate about our work

Equiprovet is a well-established wholesaler of veterinary products. Our staff have more than 40 years combined experience and expertise in the treatment and maintenance of top horses in all disciplines of equestrian sport. We supply and advise leading veterinarians all over the world. We pride ourselves on selling only high quality and reliable products and giving trustworthy advice to our clients . This is a major issue to us, and a part of our service we take very seriously. It is important that vets and their clients can rely on the purity and efficacy of the products they use.

Equiprovet is constantly developing and offering high quality equine solutions in both supplements and medicines. In our warehouse we have many of the European medicines registered for horses permanently in stock.

Equiprovet is a  subsidiary of Mapatruto Holding b.v., a group of companies that has been focused for many years on innovative and solid solutions for the treatment of animals with problems, especially the treatment of horses. Mapatruto continuously invests in research and development, resulting in successful new products and patents. Focus areas are curing and prevention of joint and tendon problems and fertility.


Mapatruto co-developed  stabilised hyaluronic acids, unique in the world in terms of efficiency, molecular weight and price/quality ratio. These products are very successful in the treatment of human artritis.

Equiprovet  can supply these high end products to vets, based on the exclusive veterinary rights that the mother company acquired.

If you are looking for a therapeutic solution for a difficult problem, please just ask us. Many times we can offer you a key to solve the problem based on our own many years of experience in the international industry, and our intensive and rewarding cooperation with some of the leading European universities and institutes.

We can also supply you with hard to find raw materials and are always interested in any enquiry you may have.

Our Mission is to work alongside veterinarians to find creative solutions to difficult problems